About me: A Wandering vs. A Wayward Will

Welcome to the chronicles of a man who decided to leave his comfy job in academia behind for a life of discovery, adventure, and an education outside the confines of a classroom. It’s not that simple, but that’s what blogging is for, right? Telling stories: stories of yourself, others, and the world around you. Check out “The Vietnam I Love” or the drop down menus to get started with some of these new stories!

I intend for awaywardwill.com to be a more professional endeavor, aimed at budget-travelers looking to discover some beauty, starting in Vietnam, but I have also documented many of my own personal thoughts and issues in a completely separate blog: https://awanderingwill.blogspot.com

There may be some content overlaps here and there, but “A Wandering Will” is much more heavily influenced by my struggles with alcohol addiction and bipolar disorder, so naturally, it’s a bit ‘all over the place.’

I want to keep these worlds fairly separate, mainly because a theme of serious personal struggle doesn’t jibe well with my goal of presenting a more positive view of Vietnam (or wherever my travels take me) and how to make your way around much easier and more enjoyable. However, I think there is something valuable (at least for me) in keeping up with “A Wandering Will-” it allows me to explore the lessons I learn, the struggles I face, and the constant self-improvement I’m aiming for in digging progressively further into Buddhist culture.

So, if you’re interested in the psychology behind what I hope will be a more practical and positive look at my travels here, I encourage you to take a look. It’ll be tough, trying to keep these ideas and themes separate, but as my 6th grade gym teacher always told me, “Where there’s a Will, there’s a way, Shrout!”

I also have a fun little instagram account that I populate with all sorts of photos I can’t quite fit into a post or decide where to put them. It’s a little wonky now, but just click on a few of the photos here for a taste, and you can find me @a_wayward_will : https://snapwidget.com/embed/523512