Living up to my (Domain) Name

So this is half announcement and half musing over the wonderful conversation I just had with my friend Aaron. tl;dr: I’m now hosted at, and sometimes you fail and fall so hard in the process of hitting your target you wonder if you weren’t built to be a bombshell.

First of all, this Wayward Will’ll soon be moving to his own, self-hosted domain! This is great news for you and me, dear readers, because then I’ll have all SORTS of control over the content I post here, and you’ll get more bang for your buck (or at least the valuable time you spend reading). Unfortunately, this also means that my domain name will change (which I’ll announce as soon as I can), so I’ll try to keep y’all updated on where all this will be in the near future.

Secondly, and more importantly, though, is a lesson I’m still learning about persistence and failure. So, for all of you out there who want to start a legit blog, perk those ears up. I want far more than what this platform can give me, so I tried to upgrade to

When you upgrade to the far more robust (and whatever hosting site like Bluehost or Siteground you choose to use), you’ve got to download WordPress onto your computer. Now, this is a problem, because although I love my Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch) – Silver (Certified Refurbished), I soon found that even dual-booting my chromebook with Ubuntu didn’t give me the power (or the practicality) I needed. So, I got myself a nice, cheap laptop courtesy of Hanoi Computers.

Problem solved, right? I booted the sucker up, got to work on a Bluehost account, and then, for some reason, my account was halted at the very last minute- after I had signed up and paid for a plan. So, I contacted customer support and kindly asked what the issue was. Turns out, the domain I registered was flagged for “fraud/risk.” I still don’t fully understand how or why this happened (since it was getting late and I was pretty done with curiosity, and simply wanted a solution), but I suspect it had to do with my physical registration being done in Vietnam and my given address being in the US.

Now, I’m being asked to jump through a number of flaming hoops to determine my identity with Bluehost, and to put a nice fat cherry on top of the cake, even my SiteGround account has locked me out.

But you know what? You’ve got to laugh. I laughed and laughed, used a different email, and spent the last few hours figuring out the code to give you what I hope will be the last place my site will wander:

It’s not pretty yet, and I don’t have anything new yet (save for some photos I couldn’t manage to upload here), but I think I’ve finally figured this all out. Persistence, and a high tolerance for failure- that’s my trick.

This is Concord, signing off from Hanoi, and…for now



Author: A Quiet American

I'm a former graduate student and instructor of Classical Studies (not, like, the Brontë sisters and Shakespeare, but Plato and Sappho-ancient classics), and my specialty was Ancient Greek language and literature, on which I wrote my Master's thesis. I'm an avid, if amateur photographer, writer, and schemer. I love to get my hands dirty with a new idea. After that three and a half year ordeal, as well as a few startling changes like kicking alcohol cold turkey and a diagnosis of bipolar I disorder, I briefly worked in a Thai restaurant long enough to earn the money to get out of the US. It seemed like a logical option at the time, and it's turning out to be more than I could have ever imagined. My aim is to show people like me, people with problems and shackles and hangups, that its possible, and maybe even healthy, to change your environment for a little bit. My "little bit" went from 3 months to almost a year and counting, and I'm learning something new about myself every day. I'm learning how to stave off anger and focus on positive thinking, a bit of mediation, and the virtues of optimistic nihilism.

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