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Author: A Quiet American

I'm a former graduate student and instructor of Classical Studies (not, like, the Brontë sisters and Shakespeare, but Plato and Sappho-ancient classics), and my specialty was Ancient Greek language and literature, on which I wrote my Master's thesis. I'm an avid, if amateur photographer, writer, and schemer. I love to get my hands dirty with a new idea. After that three and a half year ordeal, as well as a few startling changes like kicking alcohol cold turkey and a diagnosis of bipolar I disorder, I briefly worked in a Thai restaurant long enough to earn the money to get out of the US. It seemed like a logical option at the time, and it's turning out to be more than I could have ever imagined. My aim is to show people like me, people with problems and shackles and hangups, that its possible, and maybe even healthy, to change your environment for a little bit. My "little bit" went from 3 months to almost a year and counting, and I'm learning something new about myself every day. I'm learning how to stave off anger and focus on positive thinking, a bit of mediation, and the virtues of optimistic nihilism.